How One Act of Kindness Began

Have you noticed that it is easy to promote fear and bad news? We can make our own news, we can create positive actions, we can promote love and kindness.

I believe that many of us want to do kind actions, I believe that all we need is a way to do it without having people looking at us as if we want something from them. People who do something good for someone else who is a stranger will usually will be seen with suspicion. By having a kindness card provided to the recipient you will eliminate any suspicion and at the same time you will be able to promote kindness.

Meet the Founder: Ricardo Ortizcazarin

Ricardo is a first generation immigrant to the United States. Aside from celebrating over 18 years in business as the founder of Cazarin Interactive, he has a Masters in Marketing and B.A. in Computer Science and Information Systems. Throughout his travels, he has been amazed at the hate and cruelty rising in society. Many times he has been moved to do something nice for someone–buy them lunch, for example–and was concerned how his act of kindness would be received.

He worked on how he could give to others, in a simple manner, without any monetary constraints being made upon others. That is how the idea of One Act of Kindness was born, a website with a forum dedicated to giving and receiving, helping others with no strings attached.