Too often the kind things people do go unnoticed, and that’s a shame. After all, these simple acts of kindness inspire us to be better people. To make sure these acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed and others are inspired to do good, we’ve teamed up with NBCUniversal and their #ShareKindness campaign to help create 10,000 acts of kindness. Make our world a better place by performing one act of kindness today.

There are currently 640 Acts of Kindess pledged! Below are the last 30 kind actors:

Date Name Area Acts Reason
2/5/2018 Ryan Young Ohio 100 Life is hard enough as it is. Sometimes we just need a little kindness to make our day a little better.
12/18/2017 Sophie Engle United States 10 because high school needs a lot more kindness
12/18/2017 Tatum Taylor Canada 40 Kindergarten class, we do this year round but specific Xmas ones too.
11/30/2017 Judy King TExas 10 It makes everyone feel good.
10/30/2017 Marlina Santiago Staten Island 10 There is no grandiose methodology to my reasoning. My dream is very simple but the journey is long, to achieve world peace, one kindness at a time. The world needs to know that it is possible if we work and achieve this as a human team.
10/2/2017 ANONYMOUS Australia 10 Because it feels good to help others
9/17/2017 ANONYMOUS IL 100
9/13/2017 ANONYMOUS United States 10 In honor of a birthday girl.
9/11/2017 ANONYMOUS USA 10 We live in a world with so much violence and turmoil. I feel anything positive that helps show kindness helps. A No strings attached.
9/7/2017 ANONYMOUS Nigeria 10 I want to help,i believe that my calling
6/9/2017 ANONYMOUS USA 10 I believe it truly makes a difference and gives people hope that someone cares and it is a blessing to give to others especially when they least expect it 🙂
6/8/2017 Jack Dyer United Kingdom 10 Because the world we live in now is, quite frankly, terrible. And we all need to support each other and 'do our bit' to make someone's life a little better each day.
6/8/2017 Ricardo Cazarin Minnesota 10 Want to do good
4/13/2017 Lori Person Pennsylvania 10 to be a better person and to inspire others around me to better people and to foster an environment of empathy towards humanity where it may sometime feel devoid
4/11/2017 ANONYMOUS 100
3/17/2017 ANONYMOUS Ohio 100 School-related, change culture
12/21/2016 Imran Imran United Kingdom 10 I agree with the founder of this site that there is a lot of 'bad' out there currently and it keeps getting worse! This is my way of balancing the situation and iI hope more and more will follow.
12/19/2016 Rebecca North Michigan 30 After watching Brittany Risner's High Five Humanity I am inspired to spread happiness around my area.
12/11/2016 Kerri Sanders Washington 10 Others have shown me kindness.
12/1/2016 ANONYMOUS Montana 20 "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples"- Mother Teresa
11/30/2016 Michelle S. Minnesota 10 Families in need live right in our own community. Finding out what they could use and want for Christmas, and wrapping it up!
11/28/2016 ANONYMOUS Minnesota 10