We can all make a difference as teenagers you usually have time and energy.

There are many things teenagers can do here is an example of Johny the bagger who promoted kindness where he worked. (Watch short video of Johny)

New videos ::::

New VIDEO created by Mia and Rebecca Title “Kindness is Contagious”
Mia and Rebecca are in only in 8th grade at the High Tech Middle Media Arts school.

Please pass the link along so their effort to spread kindness ripples all over the Internet.

New VIDEO created by Ella Hushka called “Ten of a Kind” video is about 6:00 minutes.

Please pass it along to your friends.


  • Mow the lawn for a neighbor for free
  • Shovel the snow for a neighbor
  • Make cards with a nice thought and give it to friends
  • Help a friend with homework
  • Help a friend or stranger when they are depressed or feel down
  • Smile often
  • Make lunch for a friend