Today I went into the cafe at Life Time to get a coffee and a muffin for breakfast. I knew I should have probably eaten at home as money is tight but I was running late so I caved and went into the cafe to place my order. When I held out my visa to pay the girl behind the counter handed my a card and said it had been taken care of. My eyes swelled with tears at the kindness of a strangers gift freely given. I am hoping to reciprocate the act to someone as soon as I can:)
Plymouth, MN

Those who gave an act of kindness: I was self-conscious about paying for the person’s lunch ahead of me in line. Would they think I was weird, wonder if some religious affiliation was attached, would they hit me up for money or follow me to my car? One Act of Kindness has enabled me to feel good about giving, with a legitimate ‘reason’ for giving and no obligations attached.)

Recently, I downloaded a kit from One Act of Kindness. Three days later I had the opportunity to give out a card as I helped a mother of three to change a tire on her stranded vehicle. She was so grateful and I felt so good that I could help and make her day!
Prescott, WI

There’s a new kid at school that nobody asks to eat with them at lunch. I asked him to eat lunch with me and my group of friends. It was cool because we got to know him and he’s pretty decent. So, now we all hang out.
White Bear Lake, MN

Those who received an act of kindness: My husband was out of town on business and I hoped against hope that it wouldn’t snow because of my bad back. Of course, it snowed 5 inches! I hated the thought that my husband would have to come home to more work but couldn’t remove the snow myself. That morning as I rushed out to leave for work, I couldn’t believe it–my entire driveway was cleared! There was a card on my door that read, “Thought you could use a hand. Please use this card to forward on an act of kindness to someone else.” It brought tears to my eyes and I thought about what that person had done for me all day long. I’ve since downloaded several cards and have told friends and family about this wonderful experience!
Woodbury, MN