Acts of Kindness don’t have to be ONLY for adults we can ALL make a difference. Here are some ideas for you so you can make a difference yourself. Once you have experienced the love of gratitude comeback and let us know what happened!


  1. Take care of your brother or sister.
  2. Clean the kitchen
  3. Mow the lawn
  4. Shovel the snow for your dad
  5. Give a hug to your mom or dad
  6. Give a hug to your brother or sister even if you are upset
  7. Take the garbage out
  8. Give a kiss to your mom or dad


  1. Help a friend with their homework.
  2. Help your teacher
  3. Volunteer for safety patrol
  4. Volunteer for events
  5. Help younger kids


  1. Help the elderly
  2. Collect food for a shelter
  3. Help at your church
  4. Be part of Scouts
  5. Shovel snow for a neighbor
  6. Mow the lawn for a neighbor